Faster?functional safety?system certification

Speed up your time to market in automotive and industrial functional safety applications with our analog and embedded products and resources

Products for functional safety design challenges

Find the analog and embedded processing products you need to design functionally safe systems in our broad portfolio of over 40,000 devices to help you achieve functional safety compliance.

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Experience and ingenuity shorten development time

Leverage our experience supplying devices for safety-critical automotive and industrial systems to help you build the safety systems of the future and reduce your design time.

Content for every step in the design cycle

Streamline design time and system safety certification with our robust library of resources including interactive system block diagrams and technical documentation.

Our functional safety commitment

Our safety-certified devices are designed and developed using an ISO 26262/IEC 61508-certified hardware development process, equipped with safety mechanisms to help detect and prevent dangerous failures resulting from systematic faults or random hardware faults and backed by design resources to help you successfully solve your most complex safety design challenges.

Manage and mitigate systematic faults

Design and build up to ASIL D/SIL 3 compliant systems with our SafeTITM components developed using an independently assessed and certified ISO-26262 and IEC-61508 compliant process.

Detect and prevent random hardware faults

Take advantage of our tunable FMEDAs, functional safety FIT rates and safety mechanisms described in our functional safety manuals to prevent random hardware faults at a component level.

Simplify system safety certification

Streamline system safety certification and expedite your time to market by leveraging resources such as our SafeTI Diagnostics Libraries, Compiler Qualification Kits and third party tools.

Featured functional safety design resources

The fourth industrial revolution calls for safer, smarter factories with real-time production information and maximum efficiency. Our white paper explains how to implement Industry 4.0 safely.

Achieve functional safety goals with high-accuracy voltage detectors that monitor each rail in MCUs for ADAS systems.

Industrial microelectronics are increasingly complex. Our blog discusses the application of functional-safety standards to MCUs including those with mixed-signal sensing.

Products for functional safety

Applications for functional safety


Advanced electronic components are reducing vehicle emissions, improving connectivity and enabling levels of autonomous driving. Functional safety provides the guardrails with so much at stake behind the wheel. Your designs can meet ISO 26262 requirements and automotive safety integrity levels (ASILs) up to ASIL D with our devices, tools and design resources.


Industrial systems from Industry 4.0 to robotics and motor drives are getting smarter, safer and more efficient. The demand to design safer industrial systems, reduce manufacturing downtime and maximize the lifespan of equipment increases functional safety design requirements to meet standards such as IEC 61508, ISO 13849, IEC 61800 and IEC 60730. Find the products and resources you need to meet your toughest industrial system-level design challenges.?

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