Motor drivers


Smarter, safer, smaller motor drive solutions

Our motor drivers simplify design, reduce board space and lower system cost. From integrated motor drivers with simple control interfaces to smart gate drivers and functional safety devices, our products help system designers maximize motor performance.

Brushless DC drivers

Browse our intelligent, high performance BLDC motor drivers for efficient system designs.

Brushed DC drivers

Reduce board space with our innovative and easy-to-use BDC motor drivers.

Stepper drivers

Explore our configurable stepper drivers for precise and smooth motion control.

Solenoid drivers

We offer a vast portfolio of solenoid drivers to support various system configurations.

Actuator drivers

We offer a comprehensive set of drivers that are compatible with various haptic actuator technologies.

Multi-function gate drivers

Choose from our comprehensive portfolio of isolated, half-bridge and low-side drivers for all your MOSFET, IGBT, GaNFET and SiCFET designs.

Technical resources

White papers, application notes, user guides and more.

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