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Celebrating 20 years of quarterly publication, our Analog Design Journal offers powerful technical insight written by engineers for engineers. These exclusive, carefully selected articles help novice and seasoned engineers sharpen their knowledge of emerging applications and analog circuits.

Q3 2019 ADJ articles

Maximizing the dynamic range of analog fronts ends having a transimpedance amp

Optical-pulsed time-of-flight (ToF) systems find wide usage in robotic vision, laser-distance measurement, light detection and ranging (LIDAR), and position and proximity sensing.

Measurement error caused by self-heating in NTC and PTC thermistors

A thermistor is a solid-state temperature-sensing device whose electrical properties change at different ambient temperatures.

Select inductors for buck converters to get optimum efficiency and reliability

There are numerous articles online about inductor selection for buck converters, but it all boils down to the operational basics of the buck converter.

Precision signal-conditioning solutions for motor control with position feedback

Electric motors are an ever-increasing part of our lives, not only in automated factories and electric vehicles, but inside homes as well—in living rooms and even our children’s favorite toys.

Methods of output-voltage adjustment for DC/DC converters

Some systems benefit by adjusting the output voltage of one or more DC/DC converters while the converters are enabled and the system is operating.

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